How to play Backgammon
Cyber Backgammon

Tired of never getting to finish a multi-player game because you or your opponent got a phone call or lost internet connection? Are you a busy person who loves games?

Gammon is a simple version of the classic game "Backgammon" integrated with the Coliseum Gaming Network, a social gaming environment designed specifically for mobile devices. Easy to pick up for new players, Gammon is very engaging because it is "fast paced" but still allows players to "come and go" from games through the day making plays when time allows. Players can keep the play fast paced by having many game instances going at once. The Coliseum Gaming Network maintains the player's position in each game and alerts the player when its their turn in one or more games. Creating game instances, either with friends or random players, is done with a single touch. You can easily turn players or opponents into friends with a single touch. Friends may create games with each other with a single touch. Other features of Gammon include:

Up to 40 simultaneous games (with an active Coliseum Gaming Network subscription).
Send "Page" messages to friends via Push Notification.
Send chat messages associated with your game plays which your opponents will see when they have time to play.
Automatic Random Game Creation based on Player Preference.
Easy Game Abort, Surrender, and Re-match features.
Invite players from the game statistics list to be your friend.
Invite players to your friends list by email address or screen name.
12 Level Ranking System based on game points won or lost.
View Game, player, and opponent ranking and statistics.
Game Statistics Leader board, Peer, pre
Challenge players within your rank or previous game opponents.
Participate in Open, National, and Rank Specific Tournaments.

Gammon could easily become the game you play the most.

GammonHD is also available for iPad players

Gammon, along with all Coliseum integrated games, are supported by the Coliseum Gaming Network which is offered as a subscription service. You receive a 1 month free subscription with the activation of the first integrated game application. After 1 month you can purchase another 3 month subscription for pennies. Don't worry, if you don't
want to renew, you can still play but are limited on the number of simultaneous games you can play on the network and each integrated game will display advertising. Your Coliseum subscription covers all integrated games.
If you have multiple iPhone, IPod Touch, or IPad devices you may share your subscription with up to five players.

For more information on Gammon, check out the AppStore.

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