Registration and Startup issues
Q.  When I run Gammon on my device for the first time it asked me for a Coliseum User Name and a Pass Code, why is this necessary?
A.  Gammon runs on the Coliseum Gaming Network which is a social gaming environment and these items identity you for all the games you create or join.  Your "User Name" is visible to all Gammon players.  Your pass code is kept private and is used to validate your identity.  If you change your device, Coliseum uses your pass code to allow you to transfer your Coliseum account to the new device.

Q.  When I launch Gammon it gives me a message "Unable to reach Coliseum Server" and then runs in "Pass the Device Mode".  
A.  Gammon requires internet access to reach the Coliseum Network.  Without a network connection, Gammon only supports the "Pass the Device Mode" of play.  Check you internet connection and try again.

Q.  How do I transfer my Coliseum User Name to a new device?
A.  First install Gammon on the new device. When it prompts you to provide a user name and passcode, provide your existing user name and pass code. If correctly entered, Gammon will transfer your existing account to the new device leaving your old device unregistered with the Coliseum Server.

Q.  I forgot my passcode, how do I recover it so I can transfer to a new device?
A.  To recover your passcode, use the following link "" If your old device is not functioning and you provided no email address when you initially registered, then we have no other way of identifying you, so you will not be able to recover you passcode.

Managing My Friends
Q.  My Friends list is empty.  How to I get some friends?
A.  You have two ways you can add to your Friends list.  You can invite Coliseum players you find in any of the "Stats" Player lists.   These include the "Leader Board","My Peers", "My Opponents" , "New Slaves", or "Recent Players" .  Simply click on a player in any one of those screens and you will be prompted to invite them.  Players on these list that are already friends will display "Friends" icon to the left of the player name.   The second way to get friends is to search them by either Coliseum User Name or by email address via the "Search" button on the top left of the Friends screen.  If the player's name or email address is found on the Coliseum Network, they will be invited.  If you search by email address and the address is not registered, Gammon will prompt you to send a Gammon invitation email to the address you are searching for.

Game Related Questions
Q.  Where do Gammon dice roll values come from?
A.  Unlike real dice rolls, gammon dice values must be generated by a computer. Computers in general have a difficult time generating truly random numbers that would match the roll of real dice. Real dice rolls are affected by many factors of nature like the surface of the board, how the dice are skaken before thrown, or even the moisture of the hands that throw them. Computer generated random numbers tend to cluster meaning that when a 6 is generated, several more 6 values will likely show up after to the first one. There are methods for a computer to generate highly random numbers, but they require more computing power than is feasible for gammon. In order to make gammon dice values more random, we use random numbers generated from weather satellite data which is downloaded to the server daily. When a new gammon game is started, a block of random numbers from weather data is attached to the game. As game turns are played and the dice are rolled, the values are pulled sequentially from the block of random numbers. How the random numbers are applied to specific player dice rolls depends on how the players play each turn. Yes, essentially game dice rolls are predetermined at the time of game creation, however which player gets each roll depends on how each player plays the game. Because we are using weather data to generate the dice values, the dice will be more naturally random. With all effort we have put into making Gammon dice like real dice, some players still complain. In the end, Gammon dice work they way that they do, but rest assure they work the same way for all players. I am player Proximo, and as of this writing, I am not any anywhere near the top of the leader board.  

Q.  Can dice rolls be manipulated by a player?
A.  The answer is NO. Gammon dice rolls are performed on the server and not on the players device. This is to ensure that a player with a hacked device is not able to manipulate the dice. The state of each game including the dice rolls are also maintained on the server. Even if the player deletes and re-installs gammon on their device, gammon will remember that last unplayed dice roll they performed in each game. The server also verifies that all player turns match server generated dice values. A player would need to hack the gammon server in order to manipulate games. Rest assure that only Inhandgames can manually alter a game and we have only done this in situations where game or server data gets corrupted. We have no motivation to affect player specific dice rolls.  

Q.  How can I be sure that Gammon dice rolls are fair?
A.  In the Game Stats screen on Gammon, there is a dice icon, press the icon, to see a dice roll report. This report shows statistics on all dice rolls for all active and recently completed games. The report shows the number of times each dice value is thrown and also how often each value shows up as a double. In addition, you can also replay the turns in any active game via the game menu if you're concerned about game specific dice rolls.  

Q.  I'm in the Stats->Leader Board and there are a bunch of numbers  for each player, what do these number mean and why do some players have more statistics that others?
A.  Coliseum tracks a collection of game play statistics for each player.   In addition,  Coliseum also tracks the player's statistics against other players.  If you have previously completed a game against another player, Coliseum will always show your wins and losses for the game against that player.  Please see the "Player Statistics" section in the Gammon Quickstart Guide for info on player statistics.  

Q.  I just won a game against another player, why did my ranking points not increase?
A.  Each game in Gammon is worth 10 points for win and 8 points on loss.  The number of ranking points you win or loss depends upon the following factors: 

  1. Opponent Rank Level Difference —   When playing against opponents at levels above or below yours, the points you win or lose are adjusted.  If you win against a lower level opponent, the amount of points you win and the opponent loses are reduced.  If you lose against a lower ranked player, both the points you lose and the opponent wins are increased.
  2. Opponent Wins/Losses — If you continually win against the same opponent, the number of points you gain and they lose for each game is diminished.  Its not fair to gain rank by continuing to win against the same lessor players.  You must play and win against other Coliseum players to continue to gain rank.

Q.  I just lost a game against another player, why did my ranking points not decrease?
A.  See answer to the the previous question above.

Q. I started a game with another player from a "Stats" screen two days ago and its their turn but they haven't played.  What should I do?
A.  The player may be busy or just not interested in playing.  Try inviting other players from the "Most Recent" Stats page or using the "New Game" to start a random game.  If you bored, create a bunch of games.  The more you games you create, the faster the game play.  As for the hanging game, you can either leave it and wait for the player to respond or you can "Decline" the game via the game menu.  If the game goes three days without a player making a turn, it is automatically aborted or surrendered depending how far the game has progressed.

Q.  I just got back from a long vacation and several games I had going are gone.  Where did they go?
A. Coliseum will auto-terminate all games that have been idle for more than 3 days.  If 3 days goes by without a player making a turn, Coliseum terminates the game,  sets the final score of the dead beat player to zero, and will award points if any other player has a game score greater than zero.   So if you need to take a break from Coliseum, make sure you finish all your games first.

Q.  I will be unable to access the internet for a few days. How do I keep my games from expiring?
A.  You can use the "Vacation Mode" option on the Settings screen. Vacation mode will stop all your existing games (except for Tournament games) from expiring until you return. TOURNAMENT GAMES WILL STILL EXPIRE while you are on vacation so make sure not to register for any tournaments of you know you are going vacation soon. Vacation mode will also make your account disappear from the stats and friends list so players can't start any new games with you while your on vacation.

Q.  I just want to play my friends, but my game queue keeps filling with games from strangers that I do not want to play.  What should I do?
A.  You can always use the abort button on the game list item to decline a new game.  If this is a constant problem, you can also use your Gammon preferences to stop unwanted games.  There are a few preferences to look at.  First of all, if you getting unwanted "Friend Games" then you need trim your friend list.  Being friends with another player gives them the ability to launch games on your queue.   Otherwise, the following preferences can also help you:

Games Per Friend - You can limit the number of games from a single friend player via this preference.   Protects you from one friend consuming too much of you queue.

Max Friend Game - This will limit the number of games launched on your queue across all your friends.

Max Stat Games - This limits the number of "Stats Games" launched on your queue.

Min Game Rank - This sets the minimum rank of the opponent player that can launch a "Stats Game" on your queue.   Players with a lessor ranking than this preference will be denied launch.

Q.  When I launch Gammon, a list box pops up with a number of active game names.  Why are some of the game names the color red and some black?
A.  Games displayed in "red" indicate that it is your turn in the game.  Games in "blue" are those waiting on your opponent to play.

Q. Some of my games in the active game list have an icon of a crossed-out trophy in the bottom left.  What does this mean?
A.  The icon means that the game is a "Non-Scoring" game.  Non-Scoring games do not affect your player statistics.  Non-Scoring games are used normally by High ranking players that wish to play less experienced players without potentially damaging their player stats if they lose.  See the Quickstart Guide for more information about Ranking and game points.  

Q.  When I launch Gammon, it didn't show me my active game list, but instead took me immediately into a game instance.  What happened to my other active games?
A.  When Gammon is launched, if it finds only one game instance waiting for you to play then it immediately launches into that game instance.  You may access you other active games via the "Menu" button.

Q.  After I make a play on a game, I want to quickly go to the next game waiting for me to play.  I don't like having to open the menu and selecting a red game everytime.  Is there and easier way?
A.  You can use a swipe gesture on the Backgammon Board screen to move to the next available game if you are not actively in a turn.  

Q.  During my turn, I can change my checker moves?
A.  You can use the "Restart Turn" button on the Menu to start your turn over.  All your checkers are moved back to their original positions and you may replay the moves.  "Restart Turn" only works until you complete the last checker move.  After that, the turn is saved and you may not restart.

Q.  I'm not able to move a checker during my turn.
A.  Gammon will only allow you to move checkers to valid board positions based on the dice values you rolled.  If you highlight a checker and no target positions highlight, it means that there are no valid positions for the highlighted checker to be played.  Try a different checker.  If Gammon determines when no value moves are available for the dice rolled, it will alert you to this fact and your turn will automatically be completed.  For information on valid moves or other rule information, visit the website which has excellent information on the rules and game play of Backgammon supported by the Gammon application.

Subscription Issues
Q.  I tried to start a game and I get a Coliseum Alert saying something about my subscription being expired.  What's this about a subscription?
A.   All Coliseum Game applications, Gammon include, have a subscription with the Coliseum Network.  Gammon comes with a free 30 day subscription per device.  Without a valid subscription, Gammon will still let you play, but you are limited to only five active game at a time and will show you Ads every view turns.  If you want to play more than five games at the same time or get rid of the ads, you need to renew your subscription.   You can purchase a new one via the Settings->Manage Subscription screen.  See the "Accounts & Subscription" section of the Gammon Quickstart guide for more information.

Q.  Why do I have to pay a subscription to play?  Other multiplayer games don't charge.  
A.  First of all, you don't have to pay to play, but you do need to pay to play more than five  games at a time.  Most multiplayer environments provided by other vendors are designed to handle just their games, have limited social networking integration, and lack many of the features that make multiplayer games fun for players.   Coliseum games are designed to provide a social gaming environment that is consistent across all applications including games created by other vendors who have great games but lack good multi-player game capabilities.  Coliseum players continue to play because the social capabilities of the Coliseum make the game more enjoyable.  By charging a subscription, I can attract more games to Coliseum by offering free integration and advertising to Coliseum game developers.  I can also encourage vendors to make their games better by offering a percentage of subscription revenue to developers with the most popular games.  Finally standing up and maintaining the servers to run the Coliseum Network is not without costs.  Most games purchased for the IPhone, are played heavily for a short while and then put aside.  It has been our experience with our test community that Coliseum Network game play actually increases over time.  Not because the games are better, but because the players continue to gain new friends and opponents over time.   For InHandGames this means that our server resources and cost will need to grow as our player base does.

Q.  I have three devices in my household on my iTunes account.  Do I have to pay for a subscription for each?
A.  No, you can join up to five Coliseum user accounts to the same subscription.  Once the free subscription expires on each of your devices, you can extend the subscription on one of your accounts and join the accounts of the other devices to the a single subscription.   See the Accounts and Subscriptions section of the Quickstart Guide for instructions on how to do this.

Q.  My Gammon game instance is stuck. The Active Game List in the Menu indicates that it is my turn, but when I load the game, it doesn't roll the dice and only shows "Their Turn" on the screen.
A.  For performance reasons, Gammon caches game turn information on the device.  In rare cases, normally due to network loss during game play, the game cache can become corrupted.   To clear the cache, exit the Gammon Application and run the "Settings" application on the device.  Scroll down and open the "Gammon" settings and turn "ON" the "Clear Cache" setting.  Now when you relaunch Gammon, it will clear the game turn cache for all active games and rebuild it for each game the next time you load the game.  Be patient, games that have been going on for a while have a lot of plays an make time a little time to down load all the turns.  The "Clear Cache" setting is automatically reset to OFF after the cache is cleared so there is not need to run the settings application again to turn it off.

Q.  The opponent I'm playing is winning and I want to just finish this game quickly and move on.  Can I forfeit?
A.  When it is your turn in a game, if you which to forfeit to the opponent, open the Menu and press the "Surrender Game" button.  This will send a Surrender message to the opponent and will complete the game as soon as the winner opens the game and sees your surrender message.  When you surrender, you are presented with a panel to confirm the surrender request and may optionally request a "rematch" with the opponent.   If you select the "rematch" option, a new game instance is generated and the opponent is automatically added to the new game.

If none of these answers address your question or issue, you may contact support via email at the following